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Prosper Homes Properties For Sale

Getting bogged down as you search for Prosper homes for sale? Ousley Group is here to help.

Our services go above and beyond simply finding Prosper properties for sale. We help you navigate through the real estate jargon like “FHA loan”, “contingency clause”, “contract for deed” and “short sale”. We stand by your side through the entire process to make sure you are comfortable and happy.

How we help:

  • Search our registered system of listed homes for sale in Prosper TX to find one to fit your criteria
  • Schedule showings to walk you through the home
  • Represent you to the seller and/or sellers agent
  • Draw up and explain paperwork
  • Walk you through the meaning of confusing terms

Why O2 Properties as an agent?

  • We understand the ins and outs of the legality in buying homes in Prosper. This means we’ll make sure your interests are not compromised, and if they are, we will help you determine how to seek compensation.
  • Negotiating for Prosper homes for sale can be intimidating and can pressure you into making a deal you aren’t comfortable with. We discuss your desires and work on your behalf.
  • Ousley Group holds their agents to a high ethical standard.

The Ousley family has been in real estate since 1871. This means we have a long history of helping people find properties in Prosper and the surrounding area that are perfect for them. This market is truly rich for the buyer as interest rates on Prosper properties for sale are so low, it is actually cheaper than renting.

Just like you wouldn’t embark on a dangerous Arctic expedition alone, don’t consider searching for properties for sale in Prosper TX alone, either. Hire a professional to stand by your side to locate only the Prosper homes for sale that are perfect for you.